Disclaimer EHEDG

EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) is a Dutch foundation with residence at:

Stichting EHEDG (Registered Seat)
Dr. Catzlaan 19, 1261 CE Blaricum

EHEDG is registered at Kamer van Koophandel Rotterdam, Reg.-No. 24290365. VAT No. NL 807854013 B01

Authorized representatives (Foundation Board Members): Ludvig Josefsberg, Piet Steenaard and Patrick Wouters

The Secretariat address is:
EHEDG Secretariat
Lyoner Stra├če 18
60528 Frankfurt am Main
(Postfach 71 08 64, 60498 Frankfurt am Main)

EHEDG is an "Institution for General Benefit"

The EHEDG Stichting was granted an ANBI* status by the Dutch tax authorities which means that individual and company members are authorized to fully deduct their donations to EHEDG from their tax payments. *ANBI: For further information see Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling.

As an ANBI institution, EHEDG is obliged to publish its annual balance and profit & loss calculation. A summary of the annual results from the past two years can be found here: Financial Result 2016 and Financial Result 2017.
An overview of the funds currently reserved for major EHEDG projects and other regular activities can be downloaded here: Overview of EHEDG Projects and Activities 2018.

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