Congress Objectives
Congress Objectives

  • To raise awareness and analyse the relevance of the hygienic design of the food manufacturing infrastructure to food safety, quality and manufacturing costs,
  • To provide focus on open and closed plant cleaning, and planned preventative maintenance, as key prerequisites to ensure the continued hygienic condition of the manufacturing infrastructure,
  • To present the EHEDG activities as a European and world-wide operating authority in food and hygienic enginnering ¬†field by guideline publication, expert working groups, equipment testing and certification as well as high-level training,
  • To promote the creation of local and international networks to identify any knowledge gaps and problems in hygienic engineering and to provide adequate solutions related to hygienic equipment, installations and processes as well as overall food safety,
  • To showcase academic developments in the field of cleaning and food safety culture that will bring impacts on the future design and maintenance of a hygienic manufacturing infrastructure,
  • To provide a meeting and networking platform for experts, decision-makers and newcomers in the field of hygienic design and to enhance the dialogue between equipment and plant manufacturers, food producers and processors, authorities and academia.